Saturday, 28 July 2012


We left Ft Qu’Appelle driving through the valley on the north side. We saw the lake formed by glaciers, and a chipmunk ran across the road. We stopped and saw choke cherries and looks at the valley. It was beautiful. Then we got on the highway and headed to Moosomin. We had lunch in a little Chinese restaurant. It was called Wong’s and served Canadian/Chinese food. It wasn’t really Chinese food and Fran Complained but I didn’t care. Then we went to Rocanville where Bill’s mom grew up. Bill went to the town hall-ish thing while Fran and I looked at the little shops and she found one where she found this really cool necklace. Then we stopped at the post office and got stamps and post cards.
We went to go find where grandma Reimer lived and Bill thinks he found it. Though it’s kinda run down. Then we went through Brandon, but I am not sure where we went after since I fell asleep. We ended up in Carberry in a Campsite and Ball park. We didn’t actually make it to Spruce Woods but that’s okay. I am starting to get grumpy from lack of sleep.

 Giant Oil Can, Rocanville

 Got any oil?
 Post office
Fran, Samantha

Carberrry Campground and Ballpark
Samantha, Fran

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  1. Oh, oh. we should have warned Fran and Bill about grumpy no-sleep Samantha.