Thursday, 16 August 2012

Home again, home again jiggidy jig

So this is my last entry and it is over due.
I woke up at 6 on a Tuesday morning. I packed my final things like my pyjamas and toiletries. Fran made my lunch and I put the finishing touches on everything. When the time was catching up to us we hopped into the car to make our way to the airport. Bill went the wrong way so he had to go park the car while Fran and I went inside. We tried the do your own ticket thing but it didn't work so we needed help. A nice young man helped us then we went to go check my suitcase. By that time Bill had arrived so we went to go then check my guitar in oversized. We walked over to security and said goodbye. It wasn't tearful but it was sad. I went through and went to go find my gate. I waited not for long before boarding. I was in the middle of the three seats and the man net to me's arm was on my channel controller. I didn't want to wake him up so I just left it. You also had to pay for the movies so I don't like West Jet. I fell asleep rather uncomfortably and kinda cold. After 4-5 hours the plane landed in Edmonton. It seemed to be a tight squeeze between my get off and the time I had to get on my next flight. I got off and went to the washroom quickly. When I got off I realized I got out of the same gate I had to board. We boarded a little bit late but this time because I was at an emergency exit I also boarded early. I spent most of my time looking out the window at the mountains. When the plane landed I sat looking out the window at the men taking out the luggage until the line started moving. I met my mom -Daegan- at the other end and we waited. When my luggage and my guitar arrived we left the airport, and Victoria is hot now for some reason. We stopped at the Saanich Fair to drop off some entries then at Red Barn for cheese. When we got home we watched some tv then I unpacked all my magnets and showed them to mom. She ended up falling asleep in my chair so I unpacked and cleaned up my room because there was stuff everywhere. Thomas got home and dad -Steve- did as well. We ate dinner then just went to bed. And guess what? I slept in!
I hope all you guys liked my blog and I'm sad to see it be done, but on my next travels I will  make a new one.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Saying goodbye

We set on alarm to get up early to get to Ottawa earlier. Our first stop was at the Concordia Store because it was open on the weekdays. I got some books and a sweatshirt and Fran got a a shirt that looked like a Bench jacket. then we headed to Orleans driving for a couple hours. When we got to Erica's house we were greeted and had lunch. Erica asked if we could go to the mall and Fran and Bill agreed. We bused and went with Erica, Rachel Erica's sister and me. We met Erica's friend Jesse when we got there. We stayed there for a while before Fran and Bill picked me up. When we got into Montreal we stopped at IGA for some lunch food for my plane ride tomorrow. When we got home Fran ordered Chinese food and I organized my magnets . After we ate I continued packing but ended up taking everything out and re-packing anyways. Bill packed my guitar all safe and I realized I don't have enough room. We figured out a solution then came up stairs to watch tv. I have to wake up early but I'm not going to bed very early.
The start of a journey home :(
Samantha and Fran

Long time no see!

We woke up at 11:40, ate breakfast and  got dressed. We went to go get the bikes but had to pump the tires, oil the breaks and tightened the seats. We biked around the island then up to Jollipop. I showed her some of thee huge houses then we went to the park and hung out there for a while. When we got back home we hopped in the car and went to the old port. there was this Middle Eastern thing going on then Erica and  I rented a quadracycle. After we went and found a Montreal magnet and had dinner. When we were done we got ice cream and it had started raining a bit so we shuffled back to the car. A rainbow appeared. When we got home from the old port we had pie, then I went to go and pack. We skyped Gloria again and went to bed earlier but not by much cause we needed to head off early the next day.
Erica and Samantha
 A raindow
Erica and Samantha
Erica and Samantha

A day downtown

We had bread from Upper Canada Village and butter for breakfast. I got dressed relatively quickly because we had a pedicure at 2:30. So we hopped in the car cause the trains didn't run very much on the weekends. When we got downtown we went to go check out the Concordia store but it was closed. We then went to Staples for a folder for all of my souvenirs on the trip. We got one, then Bill went to go to his office while Fran and I made our way to the Ongles Kim. Though we stopped at the Dollar Store to check for a magnet. We got to Ongles Kim and we sat down. I chose my nail polish and sat down in the fancy chair and got pampered-ish. When it was done we sat around waiting for our toes to dry. When we were done we walked to Ecco to look for sandals because Fran doesn't like my flip flops. I didn't find any but Fran bought a pair. We went to the Starbucks across the street to meet Bill. He arrived and we drove to another store that sold Birkenstocks. I got a pair and have been breaking them in. We stopped at the Metro on the way home to get apples for pie and chicken. When we got home, Fran made me clean my room and do my laundry because I was going to have guest over. We had dinner, then Fran and I went to go and sit in the solarium while looking at Daegan's 40th book. Finally Erica arrived and her family came in for a bit and we talked then they left. We all had pie then Erica went to go and skype Gloria for a long time.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

This morning I was able to sleep in a bunch. When I got up I went upstairs and just sat down. We had some break from Upper Canada Village for breakfast. I decided that I just wanted to sit around and do nothing all day. I do clean up my stuff a little but not much. For late lunch Fran made me a grilled cheese and apples, and for her and Bill she made this curry soup thing. It was pretty good. We did more sitting around and watching tv, then dinner time came around. We were going to Marathon with Mandy and Linda. We got a ride there all together, and had to wait a while. We got our seat and Mandy and Linda gave me a card as well as Fran and Bill. We had dinner and when it was done, the waitress brought me a cake and a candle. They sang me happy birthday then we ate it. Fran had ended up giving the waitress a letter to do that. Then we sat there for a LONG time just chatting, while the restaurant started emptying. We headed back home and said our goodbyes. Now I am watching Frozen Planet while Fran is asleep on a chair and Bill on the couch.
 Dinner at Marathon
Samantha, Fran, Linda, Mandy and Bill
My Birthday cake
Samantha, Fran, Linda and Mandy

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Upper Canada Village

This morning it didn’t start out raining, but as we were putting the finishing touches on the packing it did start drizzling. So we quickly finished and the car started which was a relief. We got a magnet at the campsite office store, and are going to Upper Canada Village. It really isn’t that far, but that was the first time camping in a while so I was tired. I slept on the way there and by that time it was raining. When we arrived in Upper Canada Village it had stopped for the moment but I brought my rain jacket in just in case. They made this new building attached to the gift shop where it is an exhibit about the war of 1812. It was kind of interesting. Then we went to the gift shop where i got some gifts, my make due magnet, and the cutest mice magnets. And of course Fran and Bill got bread. When we got outside it was only spitting so we started at the woolen mill and the flour mill, where we usually start. We decided to start with the things that we normally have to rush through. We just walked around and talked to the characters and by that time it was really raining. After we had lunch it was really raining, so it was muddy, but not cold. We didn`t get to look at everything because the bell rung but that was okay. We headed to the gift shop, had out bathroom break then went to the car for a snack of bread and cheese. Then we headed off the Montreal and I slept while it was still raining and when we got here, we emptied most of the car, then went inside.
Fran and Bill had renovations to their house so it looks different and unfamiliar but that okay. I should get used to it. So I went upstairs to watch tv while Fran and Bill worked downstairs. It is nice to relax after 3 1/2 weeks of travelling and tomorrow we might go down to the old port.
 Playing crocono
Samantha and Bill
 The travelling Tiltons and their Tonic

 The Big pigs
 The piglets and their weigh

 Finally made it to Montreal
 Grabbing all my stuff
My bed!!

More car troubles

I slept in till 10 cause I was in a real comfy bed!! Fran came into my room though to work on my computer. By the time I woke up Kathy was already gone, she had headed to Ottawa. So we packed and talked and talked and packed and when we were finally ready we hoped in and said goodbye to Jim. We wanted to check out the Lift Locks, so Jim gave us directions to those. We got a little lost, but found it soon after. The Lift Locks are kind of like giant bath tubs that move boats up and down. We saw 2 boats that went thorough it then went to the Peterborough Museum. There I got a bookmark I will turn into a magnet and a magnet of the museum and the cutest little woodpecker toy! Then we went to go to Kingston. We had to make one bathroom stop at Tim Hortons, but then the car wouldn’t start after that. We tried for a while then Bill called the garage and they arrived after a long time and all he did was jump start or whatever you call the thing with the cables and it worked! So we drove to the old Asselstine house without stopping then continued, not stopping not wanting the car to stall and arrived in 1000 island parkway in Gananoque. They have llamas here! I made a small fire with the wood we had and had dinner. Tomorrow we are going to Upper Canada Village and will get to Montreal!!
Lift Lock

 The Peterborough Museum
 The Asselstien House
1000 Island Parkway