Saturday, 4 August 2012

A better day

So since we were sleeping in a hotel I got to sleep in! I woke up at around 10 and just started off watching the Olympics. Bill had an appointment the garage so brought the van to that. While Bill was gone, Fran and I were just sitting around, me still in my pyjamas not expecting to do much. When Bill got back, he said " who wants to go to Montreal?" The problem was a lose clamp on the hose to the oil cooler. So we quickly packed up, and while Fran and I went to the gift shop, Bill was supposed to get gas. So after we got the Schreiber magnet, we went to go sit outside, waiting for Bill. We waited for a long time, and finally I walked down to the gas station. He wasn't there. So then I walked down to the hotel room. He was waiting there, thinking we were going to go back to see him. We then got 1 more picture i Schreiber then got gas then left.
We stopped once at Marathon for lunch. I fell asleep again, listening to the Vinyl Cafe. Our last stop was at Wawa where we stopped to see the giant goose. We checked out 3 motels and decided on then Bristol, then went to the Viking Tavern for dinner. We watched more Olympics then went to bed.
 The Circle Route Motel, Schreibe

Wawa, Young's General Store

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