Monday, 13 August 2012

Saying goodbye

We set on alarm to get up early to get to Ottawa earlier. Our first stop was at the Concordia Store because it was open on the weekdays. I got some books and a sweatshirt and Fran got a a shirt that looked like a Bench jacket. then we headed to Orleans driving for a couple hours. When we got to Erica's house we were greeted and had lunch. Erica asked if we could go to the mall and Fran and Bill agreed. We bused and went with Erica, Rachel Erica's sister and me. We met Erica's friend Jesse when we got there. We stayed there for a while before Fran and Bill picked me up. When we got into Montreal we stopped at IGA for some lunch food for my plane ride tomorrow. When we got home Fran ordered Chinese food and I organized my magnets . After we ate I continued packing but ended up taking everything out and re-packing anyways. Bill packed my guitar all safe and I realized I don't have enough room. We figured out a solution then came up stairs to watch tv. I have to wake up early but I'm not going to bed very early.
The start of a journey home :(
Samantha and Fran

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