Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kathy and Jim’s

Son we left late. You know why not, we were in a hotel. We packed up slowly and left to go to Peterborough. We stopped at Starbucks and for groceries. We drove but it was hard to switch drivers since it was in the expressway. But we ended up going off and into Toronto area for lunch at some boardwalk thing. The car was a lot warmer then the picnic table, so after I ate and I Ieft for the washroom then the car. There is this circus school going on so there were kids on rings and doing the stick tricks and juggling. We left after the car was packed. We stayed the night at Kathy and Jim Dancey’s house. Wilma Johnston and her friend Bill were there as well. Later Judy and Bob Poulton came for dinner. They ordered pizza and Kathy made some salads. After we just sat around outside talking. At some point everyone had to leave so we said goodbye to Wilma and Bill left. Then Judy and Bob left but not before pictures! Fran went out for a swim and we went downstairs to watch the Olympics synchro swimming. Everyone parted ways and I stayed up later working on my blog. Almost up to date. This all happened on August 7th, and today we are August 8th.

 Lunch in Toronto
Bill and Samantha
 Dinner at the Danceys
Fran, Wilma, Bill and Bob
 Fran, Judy and Bob
 Judy, Samantha, Fran, Wilma, Bill and Bill
Judy, Samantha, Fran and Bob

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