Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sudbury North

We tried to get an early start, but I don’t like waking up early. We all had oatmeal, and when we were finally ready to go, Bill had to drop off a converter at the office, but no one was there so we had to wait. The person finally arrived, so we headed off to Science North. Fran and Bill hoped to get there at 9 but we got there at 9:30, and they hoped to leave by 11. That didn’t happen. We started by watching a 4D movie about forest fires. The seats moved, water was spurted at you and there was smoke. When that was done, we started on a floor where you could go “shopping”. When you earn points and then can get things like shells, rocks, pine cones, nature things. The next floor up had live animals. There was a beaver with a tail that was too small, they think due to frost bite. There were amphibians and snakes and flying squirrels and bats and porcupines and even a skunk. It was cool.
Then nest floor had DNA things and space stuff and computer stuff. Bill tried to teach me the recessive and dominant genes, and in the cyber thing they had a smart board that I played angry birds on and a DJ thing. It was really cool. But then we had to go cause it was getting late, like not late at night but in the fact that we still had some places to go. We stopped at the cafeteria for some lunch then went to the gift shop then headed off. Oh and part of the museum is made of rock that they blasted away. When we left we made a quick detour at the giant nickel.
We were listening to the Vinyl cafe during our long drive to Calendon. I spent most of the trip sleeping, and we thought of stooping at Mid-land for this thing, but we didn’t have time. When I woke up we were stopping in Barrie for ice cream, Bill wanted it. After I went back to the car to change - It was hot! - while Fran and Bill got corn and blueberries for dinner. Then we did more driving till we got to Bob and Lorna Shapton’s. Later we went for a walk and watched the Olympics.
 A millipede
 What a moose
 Lunch at the museum
Fran and Samantha
The giant nickle
Fran and Samantha

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