Monday, 6 August 2012

A long drive

I woke up at 7:44 and we packed up and headed out of the hotel room. We – Bill and I – went to Canadian Tire while Fran went to the post office. We were looking for something to get rid of our fly problem and found sticky sheets, it ended up not working too well. Then we got gas and left Wawa. Our first stop was at Katherine’s Cove. I touched Lake Superior water and walked out on the rocks. While we were driving we were listening to the Vinyl Cafe pretty much the whole time. We saw bison on a farm so stopped t take pictures. Our first stop was at Sault St Marie, where Bill and I got frosty’s, then we went for and groceries and Starbucks at Pino’s.  We kept driving, looking for a picnic area, and stopped for lunch, which was just stuff we had just bought at Pino’s. We ended up doing a lot of driving today, and it was humid, so we stopped again for frosty’s, ice cream and a bathroom break at Espagnola. When we finally got to Sudbury, we went to Mine Mill campground and there were geese and their poop everywhere, but overall it was an ok campsite.

 Katherine's Cove
Samantha, Fran


 The bison we stopped and saw

 Our picnic after Pino's
Fran and Samantha

 Mill Mine, Sudbury
Mine Mill campground
Samantha, Fran

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