Thursday, 9 August 2012

Some down and ups

I got another wake up call, but took a little longer this time. Lorna decided to make us nice breakfast, so we all had pancakes, eggs, fruit and bacon. When we were done we had too head out, so we all went outside, had a short little chat then said goodbye to Lorna, since Bob was already gone. We were going to Niagara Falls. It’s not that long of a drive, but it started to drizzle. And by the time we got to the Information Center, it was raining hard. Bill started looking for hotels, and I started looking for restaurants. The hotel we decided on was the King’s Inn. It was still raining so we shacked up and watched tv, but all ended up falling asleep. We woke up and it had magically become sunny, so we walked down to the falls. We walked to the queen Victoria Place, and down to where The Maid of the Mist line up is. We got postcards and little gifts and decided to get a magnet, after I actually go on whatever. We walked back to find where dinner was, because by the time we got down too the Falls it was already late. So we walked over to the International Buffet, where they have free ice water, but it wasn't very international. Then I looked in the gift shop while Fran and Bill sat at the table writing postcards and waiting for the fireworks. When they started we set up at the wall and watched. They were coming from the American falls. They weren't that long, but we walked over to the edge of the Fall where you see the water go over. After a while we hear a girl scream. Apparently someone went over the falls, but no one had any information on it, though they did find a coat. There were a few witness but not many, and they never found the little girl. We stayed to see what happened, but ended up leaving. We walked back to the hotel and watched The Blindside and Seabiscuit. Then went to bed because we had a lot to do the next morning.
 Horseshoe Falls

 American Falls

At the Falls

 Fran and Bill

 The American Falls

The nigh time fireworks

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