Thursday, 9 August 2012

More car troubles

I slept in till 10 cause I was in a real comfy bed!! Fran came into my room though to work on my computer. By the time I woke up Kathy was already gone, she had headed to Ottawa. So we packed and talked and talked and packed and when we were finally ready we hoped in and said goodbye to Jim. We wanted to check out the Lift Locks, so Jim gave us directions to those. We got a little lost, but found it soon after. The Lift Locks are kind of like giant bath tubs that move boats up and down. We saw 2 boats that went thorough it then went to the Peterborough Museum. There I got a bookmark I will turn into a magnet and a magnet of the museum and the cutest little woodpecker toy! Then we went to go to Kingston. We had to make one bathroom stop at Tim Hortons, but then the car wouldn’t start after that. We tried for a while then Bill called the garage and they arrived after a long time and all he did was jump start or whatever you call the thing with the cables and it worked! So we drove to the old Asselstine house without stopping then continued, not stopping not wanting the car to stall and arrived in 1000 island parkway in Gananoque. They have llamas here! I made a small fire with the wood we had and had dinner. Tomorrow we are going to Upper Canada Village and will get to Montreal!!
Lift Lock

 The Peterborough Museum
 The Asselstien House
1000 Island Parkway

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