Thursday, 9 August 2012

Upper Canada Village

This morning it didn’t start out raining, but as we were putting the finishing touches on the packing it did start drizzling. So we quickly finished and the car started which was a relief. We got a magnet at the campsite office store, and are going to Upper Canada Village. It really isn’t that far, but that was the first time camping in a while so I was tired. I slept on the way there and by that time it was raining. When we arrived in Upper Canada Village it had stopped for the moment but I brought my rain jacket in just in case. They made this new building attached to the gift shop where it is an exhibit about the war of 1812. It was kind of interesting. Then we went to the gift shop where i got some gifts, my make due magnet, and the cutest mice magnets. And of course Fran and Bill got bread. When we got outside it was only spitting so we started at the woolen mill and the flour mill, where we usually start. We decided to start with the things that we normally have to rush through. We just walked around and talked to the characters and by that time it was really raining. After we had lunch it was really raining, so it was muddy, but not cold. We didn`t get to look at everything because the bell rung but that was okay. We headed to the gift shop, had out bathroom break then went to the car for a snack of bread and cheese. Then we headed off the Montreal and I slept while it was still raining and when we got here, we emptied most of the car, then went inside.
Fran and Bill had renovations to their house so it looks different and unfamiliar but that okay. I should get used to it. So I went upstairs to watch tv while Fran and Bill worked downstairs. It is nice to relax after 3 1/2 weeks of travelling and tomorrow we might go down to the old port.
 Playing crocono
Samantha and Bill
 The travelling Tiltons and their Tonic

 The Big pigs
 The piglets and their weigh

 Finally made it to Montreal
 Grabbing all my stuff
My bed!!

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