Tuesday, 7 August 2012

CN Tower

I got a wakeup call cause we needed to leave kind of early. So I had breakfast then got all of our stuff together, hopped in the van then headed out. We got to Yorkdale, parked in a mall parking lot, then walked to the subway station. We got a ticket for all-day. It was really hot and humid in the station, but as soon as we got in the subway car it was a lot cooler. It was a little bit of a ride, and I have decided that I don’t like them because they stop too much. But we got to Union station then walked o the other Union station and followed the signs to the Skywalk. There was construction going on so we had to take a bit of a detour. We ended up taking the long way, and outside so I was dying, but we made it. We got tickets go to the observation deck, glass floor and the skypod. We started looking at the gift shop but didn’t get anything yet. Then Fran wanted her coffee so she got that, I got a drink and Bill wanted water for his bottle, so he found these 2 taps. One had regular water and the other gave you fuzzy water. He thought that was cool. When she was done her coffee, we headed up to the elevators. We got into the wrong line. This line was to take pictures, but Fran was like what the heck? Little did she know she would regret it once she saw the photo. Then after the photo, the line up to the elevator area was right next to it. You have to go into this machine that shoots air on you in little puffs, then someone checks your bag. After you walk to the elevator line finally. It takes 58 seconds to get up to the top. On the observation deck there were these digital binoculars which I ended up using. From there I saw the Legislative building and some college. They also have tv which show live feed of the people doing the Edge Walk. It is just walking on the outside top of the observation deck. Then we went upstairs to see the glass floor. It can hold 14 hippopotamus. It is a small area but still cool. You see down and the people look like ants.
We went back down to the observation deck and got in line for the Skypod. We were in line for an hour and in the Skypod area for about 10-15 minutes. It wasn’t something we hadn’t already seen down lower. We got back down and got in another line, a shorter line to go back down. When we got down there, that is when we got our stuff form the gift shop. Magnets and postcards of course. Then we walked outside to find a coffee shop, and we found a souvenir shop. I got a magnet of Toronto this time, and Fran, well she got more postcards. Then we walked over to Second Cup, where I updated my blog to “A better day” on Fran’s tablet. Then we headed for Union Station, but not before looking at the Royal York Hotel. On our way back we got into the topic of marriage and giving your daughter away. Fran thinks that’s dumb daughters aren’t a piece of property. Then we got on the subway and headed to the parking lot, where we got gas, then went back to Bob and Lorna’s house.
 The CN Tower
 Glass floor

 Glass floor

 Wouldn't want it to break

 The Edge Walk

Bill, Samantha

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